Top 10 things that I want out of my interconnected, always on, Web 2.0 world... for the moment.

This is the feature list, in no particular order, I want in my life.  Who develops on, on what platform, with what technology is totally irrelevent:

1) Walking into a store and asking, "Do you carry men's wallets?" is archaic.  I want a local search down to the individual SKUs at the local deli.  I want to know right this very moment who carries both Fuze and dental floss.

2) I want to be able to listen to any radio, XM or otherwise, and push a "buy this song" button.  Also, I'm waiting for iTunes to switch to an all you can eat model.

3) When I download a bands music, I should automatically get a feed of their upcoming concert dates in time for me to actually buy the tickets.

4) I want ONE profile...and it should be linked to everyone I touch via IM, e-mail, calling, etc. and they should move up or down in my "top 25 people contacted" list for easy reference accordingly. 

5) I should be seemlessly connected to all of the people in my activity groups...without me doing anything and without me needing to invite people to anything--Fordham alumni, Regis alumi, the Downtown Boathouse, Zog Sports, etc.

6)  I'd like my calendar linked to appliances and other electronics.  Like, my alarm clock should always wake me up either at 6:45 or 2  hours and 15 minutes before my first appointment of the day...  15 minutes to get out the door dirty, 45 minutes to bike to the gym, 40 minutes to work out, and 20 minutes to get showered and back to the office and 15 minutes of lost time that I can't figure out where it goes in this process. 

7) Tagging recipes in should queue up the ingredients in Fresh Direct...  in other words, there should be a standard protocol/schema around food.

8) WTF are location based search services taking so long?  I should be able to push a button on my Treo to find the nearest Citibank ATM, because those punks charge me $4 for a non-Citibank ATM transaction.  The same thing with Jamba Juice.  In fact, I'd like the button to just say, "Jamba me, baby"  (The same way my browser buttons currently say "Blog me, baby", and "Tag me, baby."

9) I'd like a wireless carrier to "open up" and let people pay month to month, change their plan whenever they want, and just spend gobs of money on customer service.  Why am I paying $90 a month to make a phonecall a day if I'm lucky, 4 texts a day, and get wireless internet that Good can sit on?  I'm getting hosed.  When does the carrier price war start??

10) Does Outlook need to be so damned clunky?  It takes me forever to switch back and forth between e-mail and calendar...   God forbid I want to check my sent mail.  Can someone invent a better front end for Outlook?