My 50 Favorite Movies -- U-Turn

It was really hot yesterday.

I was in a new place.

I didn't have a Mustang Convertible.

I still haven't closed on my apartment yet, and it seems like whatever can go wrong with this close will go wrong.

Reminds me of U-Turn, with Sean Penn, and that's my movie this week.  Directed by Oliver Stone, U-Turn takes Murphy's Law to new heights (or depths).  Fingers cut off by a loanshark, car broken down, Sean Penn finds himself in a one horse town in the Arizona desert.  If that's not bad enough, he gets mixed up with the most backwards, twisted collection of characters I think I've seen in any movie not named House of 1000 Corpses.  Billy Bob Thorton plays a car mechanic that gets dirtier more ornery with every piece he rips off of Penn's 64 1/2 Mustang.  Jennifer Lopez gives new definition to the phrase, "Don't get involved with a crazy hot chic who may or may not be having an inappropriate relationship with her father in Arizona after a loanshark cuts off two of your fingers."   Ok, so that's not an often-used phrase, I'll admit, but it should be, because its just a bad idea.

Things in U-Turn just get from bad, to worse, to ugly, to whatever's much worse than bad, worse, and ugly combined.   Great movie... not so great for the whole family to watch.