Moving Sucks

Its 1:13 AM.

I'm packing up all my stuff...  well, throwing a lot of it out and packing the minimum amount of what's worth holding onto.

I haven't closed yet, but I'm allowed to move my stuff in.  Just my stuff, not me.  Hopefully, I'll close this week.  I'm homeless as of Friday.

Should I throw out all my little league baseball trophies?  Perhaps just keep the few most important ones? 

What the hell is on all of these cassette tapes?

Why do I still have textbooks from high school?

What do I do with my laptop from freshman year of college with the busted touchpad?  I think I'll throw that out.

Shit...   all the framed pictures and prints I have on my walls...  jeez, I have to take all those down.

Didn't I ever dust?

What is dust anyway?  Is this my own skin I'm sweeping up?  I'm sure some of this is from kayaking in the Hudson.

Moving sucks.