Journal Gazette | 06/06/2005 | Trading stocks for cookies

I went to junior high school with Cara...   After reading the article below, I think I'm going to start sending cookies around instead of flowers, which are generally overpriced and pretty wilted most of the time.  If you're sending something to anyone in Brooklyn, try her shop.  The number is 718-680-6680.

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Cara Macksoud left her job as a specialist on the New York Stock Exchange floor to run a franchise of Cookies In Bloom.

Link: Journal Gazette | 06/06/2005 | Trading stocks for cookies.

NEW YORK – Two years ago Cara Macksoud was trading Spiders, Diamonds and other sophisticated investments on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. She’s now taking orders for chocolate turtles and S’mores at her Cookies in Bloom franchise in New York.