Fordham bats quiet in 8-4 loss


After three games, Fordham Young Alumni Softball is still looking for its first win. While the team has looked solid, the guys and gals in maroon always seem to be inches away from a clutch hit or a run saving catch.  Call to the stand yesterday's 8-4 loss to Partsearch...

Just a few plays would have made the difference, but none of them went Fordham's way.  Fordham loaded the bases with two outs in the third, only to have the pitcher just barely get a glove on Christine Schildknecht's smash up the middle.  In the field, Larry Porco came within a step of a terrific Web Gem in the field, getting on his horse from center over to right and diving for a fly ball.  He tumbled on the catch and just barely lost his hold on it, which would have ended the inning, but was a great effort nonetheless. 

Christine also made a few nice grabs in the field, gloving two hot shots to second in the fifth.  In fact, the game featured several new faces at new positions.  Dave Murphy started at third, and manager Charlie O'Donnell subbed in for the under-the-weather Alexis Kramer.  O'Donnell's shortstop debut turned out to be a mixed bag--solid at first, but two misqueues late in the came cost Fordham two runs.  "I'm looking forward to getting back to the outfield where I can roam free like an antelope," he commented after the game. 

Patti Dickerson played her second game at firstbase, turning in another game of solid play.  Other highlights included Antoinette Mirsberger's first hit of the season, a seeing eye infield single.  Her personal hitting coach, Trevor Freeman, is proud of the great strides she's making.  "She told me before the season that if she didn't learn to hit, she'd dump me, so I've been working extra hard to make sure she learns the ropes," Freeman told the press in an interview. 

Brian Cuthbert went the distance on the mound in the loss for Fordham.  He'll return to the mound for Fordham's next game, on May 19th.... same time (6:30) same field (Heckscher #1).  More pictures from the game can be found here.