Not the Way to Use LinkedIN

So I got the letter below attached to a LinkedIn invite.  This is the kind of thing that gives LinkedIn a bad name. 

1)  I have no idea who this person is.  They identified themselves as having worked for General Motors before and invited me as "a former colleague."

2)  I don't even know what a Names Sourcer is.  I have a name.  I certainly don't need another one, although Pastore and I have briefly considered switching last names, because he looks more Irish than I do and I look Italian.

3) You don't need to be on LinkedIn to do business with me.  If you know my e-mail address, then send me what you're offering and I'll look at it.  I certainly don't need/want to be connected to you forever.

So, here's the letter.   As Steve Rubel says, never e-mail a blogger unless you'd like that e-mail stamped on your forehead for the rest of your life.

"Hi. My name is Maureen Sharib and I’m a Names Sourcer for
I'd like to link with you on this wonderful networking system of
LinkedIn and maybe do some business with you sometime in the future! I
source passive candidates holding specific titles in specific
companies. Our goal is to save you time (and money!) and help you

Maureen Sharib

Names Sourcer

Our fee structure can save your project an average of 85% to 95% in hiring fees.

513 899 9628

Invite me to your LinkedIn and ERE networks!"