The "Young VC" Crowd

Got some link love from Brad and it comes at the right time, too, because I've been noticing a lot of the VC Analyst crowd popping up around the Blogosphere, and its made me think about my own role.  Brad charactorizes me as a "New VC Blogger", I'm more of a new VC than I am a new blogger.  Nevertheless, I was thinking the other day that when I do post about being exactly who I am, a new analyst in the VC world, it generally gets a good response, but I don't do it too often.  As I've said before, I'm really pretty overwhelmed (in a positive way) about all I'm learning at USV, and I'm probably too caught up in the idea that my blog posts and ideas need to be completely baked (as oppossed to half) before I should post them.  I don't do a lot of thinking aloud on the blog, but when it comes to the new leaf I've turned over in my career, perhaps I should.  Ok, note to self:  post more about what its like to be a new VC creating your own role in a very small shop.

Also, on that note, I like to think of myself as a consummate networker and I love loose connections.  I find a lot of value in professional societies, but, admittedly, that's not something I've investigated thoroughly enough.  Rachel Masters, who should be blogging herself, who just left Starvest, introduced me briefly to a young venture capital professional society here in NYC but I haven't done much with it yet.  That's something I need to jump on.  So, now, that my first 100 days are over at USV, its time to redouble my professional efforts.  Look for more professional posting here, not because I want to, but because I need to be, for myself.  This blog can and should be my space to think and connect, and, after some self assessment, I feel I should be doing that more related to my new position.

On that note, I'd like to thank my former colleagues at the GMAM Private Markets Group, who are spinning out and moving within the next couple of weeks.  The team, now called Performance Equity Management, got me this great engraved Tiffany clock for my four years of service to their group.  It finally arrived all finished up and shiny this week, and it now sits on my desk.  Thanks!

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