I Want a Mustang!

So, now that the co-op thing is going smoothly, I've started thinking about the car.  I really want an '05 Mustang GT Convertable.  Its a V-8, and since I can't drive a stick, it needs to be automatic.  I'm flexible on the color, but would prefer black or grey. 

The problem is that there don't seem to be any V-8 Convertibles in stock....  and the inventory search tool on Ford's website sucks.  It forces me to search by zip code first, instead of just telling me where the damn car is.  If there was V-8 Convertable in Boston with an auto trans, I'd be there this weekend.  Florida?  Done... I'd make a little trip out of it.  I wanted the car for the summer, but now it looks like I either wait three months or settle for a V-6 with less horsepower than the Grand Prix I used to have.  That's garbage.  Oh, and I searched on eBay, but I couldn't find any automatics.  Nice job, Ford.  Create a buzz around a car that you can't find anywhere on the lot. 

Somehow I doubt that Ford subscribes to a Pubsub feed and will find this blog post.  Does it really take 3 months to build a car?