Meet Joy the Dog

On Sunday, I went to my parents house to meet the new family dog.   You see, we had to put our dog, Puba, to sleep, after almost 15 years.  It was very upsetting for everyone and, at first, my parents said they weren't getting a new dog. 

That didn't last long.

Photo 034

So now they have Joy the dog.  I'm not such a fan of the name.  Check out this video clip of a conversation (You may need the latest version of Quicktime... its an Mpeg4 file.) between me and my mom regarding the name while we play with the dog.  Mom, at one point, suggests that we name the dog Cuba, after Cuba Gooding, Jr.  The thinking there being that the last dog was Puba, and I suppose there's some special significance to the "-uba" suffix.  Now, we don't really know much about this dog, because we've only had her since Friday, but, the few things we do know about her are that she's fuzzy, she's female, and her fur is white.  I like Cuba Gooding, Jr., and he was great in Men of Honor, but...   well, he just doesn't bear any resemblence whatsover to this dog.  Sorry, Cuba, we're probably not naming our dog after you.  :)