Downtown Boathouse Opens Saturday!

I'm so excited.  This Saturday, at 9AM(ish), the Downtown Boathouse OPENS FOR BUSINESS!

Picture 004

And, of course, what's the weather supposed to do?


Anyway, hopefully, the weather will hold up, because I can't wait to get back to volunteering.  Basically, here's the deal.  On weekends, until mid-October, you can come to either of our two (soon to be three) locations at either Pier 26 or 72nd Street and just walk up, sign up, and get on the water...  FREE KAYAKING ON THE HUDSON. 

Picture 001

Although the website still has info on it, I've been told that our Pier 66a location won't be open.  However, we're opening up a new location at Pier 96 that should be ready soon enough.  On most days, I'll be down at Pier 26, but I'll also be helping Sandy run some Hoboken kayaking as well, too.  I'll try and post where I'll be on any given weekend day.  I know I'll be in Hoboken on 5/21 for sure.  Contact me for details and let me know if you're coming by.  Bloggers especially welcome!