Ray Beck's Got My Back

I just got off the phone with the GM Benefits center regarding my retirement and savings plans.  I had called them with an issue when I left and hadn't received the form they said there were going to send me.  So, I called their hotline and got Ray Beck.  Ray was, by far, the most helpful customer service person I've ever dealt with... and he couldn't even solve my problem directly, but he said exactly the kind of things he needed to say to make me feel like someone was on it.  I hate when I call customer service people and I feel like they have no interest in helping me outside of their scripted little workflow process. 

Ray asked me to hold on while checked on my issue and then came back and said that they had my request and that there was a backlog.  He told me he'd put a memo on my request that helps it get to the top of the pile.  Now, maybe that's a BS line, but then he took my number and said he'd look into the matter in a couple of days to see if there was any progress, and then he'd call me with a status update.  He was incredibly polite and he told me he'd keep an eye on it to make sure it went through.  He then told me to write down his name so that he knew who was working on it and who to reference if I called back.  So now, I know that Ray Beck's going to "keep an eye" on my request and let me know how its going.  That makes me feel better.  Ray made me believe.  Ray's going to call up the people that the request goes to and say, "Hey.. what's going on with Charlie's request... he's waiting for it."   He's lookin' out for me.  He's got my back.   Ray Beck...  my man in Detroit... takin' care of business.