Pimp My Web working or not?

This, of course, is the tricky thing about video.  Since the world hasn't found a single format that it likes (like Mpeg 3 for audio), we're all forced to see our video through a patchwork of Quicktime, Windows Media, etc.   Some people have been telling me that the Pimp My Web (see the tab above)  screencasts, which can be accessed by clicking on the Lesson One, Lesson Two, and Lesson Three screencasts, don't work.  Well, they work for me, work for Fred, and seem to work for a number of other people.  Do they work for you?  If they don't, can you let me know and tell me something about your system?  I'd like to fix the problem. 

If they don't load (and give them a few seconds, Ourmedia isn't the fastest), can you comment here and let me know what operating system you have, browser, and whether or not you have Windows Media as well as the version.  Thanks!