Ohhh... this is NOT a Gimmick. I see.

Picture_032These would be the kind of deal we love at Union Square Ventures, except for one thing, someone has already ripped off one of the little phone number tear-offs, so we can't say its proprietary deal flow.  Brad and his keen eye for deals snatched this off a bus stop on Broadway.  (I saw it on my way in this morning, but thought that maybe $5,000 would be  a bit under our radar.)  In keeping with the team approach to all of our deals, the best spot for this is posted on Fred's door.  (So Fred would notice it right away.)

The best part about the deal is that, as it says right on the piece of paper, that "this is not a sales pitch or a gimmick, but a real investment opportunity."  That's great, because I believe our PPM explicitly stats that we can only invest in gimmicks with the expressed consent of our advisory board, and that's always a sticky situation.