"If you're an Analyst, why do you sit in Reception?"

That was the quote from a temp that came in this morning to replace Kerri while she was out at a vendor training.  I told her, "I had come to terms with it, but thanks for opening up that wound again."
This is my new desk and yes, its out here in the open, but I wouldn't say its in "Reception".  We're all kind of out in Reception, because you can see everyone's office as soon as you walk in the door.  Key items on the desk include a picture of my nieces and a sunset picture I took at Fordham.  I also have a little Fordham banner and a mug full of pens.

In all seriousness, I like being out here.  We have a small office here, but I already did the office thing at GM and I really didn't like it.  I'm right here in the thick of things and nothing happens that I don't see.  In fact, I tried to get into the "bullpen" at GM, but no one wanted to switch with me, so I got "stuck" in an office.  (sob, sob... I know)