First Day

So, my first day went well.... thank you to everyone who asked.  :)

Of course, it was a bit awkward.  I mean, you work for eight years in one place and all of the sudden you're thrust into a little world that existed before you got here.  Its really about the little things.  What's my best route to work? How loud to I have to be so Brad and Fred can hear me in their offices, which are about 12 feet away from me and glassed in?   How loud should I be?  Where's the bathroom?  What time do people go to lunch?  Where can I get lunch?  Should I be talking more or less to Kerri than I did to Jeff when he sat behind me?

And the answers?

I haven't figured that out yet, but this morning I just took the 4 train all the way to Union Square and walked back up b/c it was so nice out.  It seems to be too crowded at Grand Central to switch--that might be different when I'm back on my gym schedule.   I don't need to be too loud.  I can probably be loud enough to do it, too, without getting up.  I have a vague idea where the bathroom is, but in all honesty, it hasn't come up yet.  Maybe I should be drinking more water.  Brad gets soup for lunch, which would fill me for, ooooh, about two hours, so that's not an option.  Fred went at about 1, and he took me out minutes before I passed out.  Hench, I brought my lunch in today so I could eat at my normal noon feeding.  As for Kerri, I still haven't figured that out yet.  She hasn't had a coworker in such close proximity for years, so she's very focused on her work pretty much all day.  Since Jeff and I chatted endlessly all day, I'd bet that I'll be less chatty in general. 

So, I apoligize to anyone expecting to hear from me.  It will probably take me a good week to get fully back up to normal.  Cleaning out all of the office and car junk from my apartment would be a good start.  When my apartment is a mess, it definately affects me in the outside world... similar to the way I was in a funk when all my Ikea furniture hadn't been assembled yet when I first moved in.  I'll get there, though... don't worry about me.