Social Hold 'em

Do you ever bump into anyone on the street and have to go through that ackward moment where you're not sure whether or not your relationship is actually worthy of a stop?

Yesterday, I walked by somebody I went to Fordham with going in the opposite direction, and neither of us skipped a beat...  kept walking as we said hello and how are you.

This morning, I ran into another Ram in front of the gym, but this time both of us were on our bikes.  Not only did we both stop, but we both got off our bikes and chatted for a minute.

At least both times we were on the same wavelength.

No one wants to be caught on the short end of the stick of that, where you stop and its obvious the other person was going to keep going.

Its like a card game, where showing your hand can mean a lot of social awkwardness.

Anyway... so now I might have a biking buddy if this strike continues.  HM, if you want to bike back to Brooklyn later, drop me an e-mail.