I'm breaking up with my Friends(ters)

In spite of my newfound popularity in the Phillipines (they were the only ones viewing my profile and e-mailing me) and the "19/f wanna chat, go to my profile on naughtyhighschlrs.com" crowd, I'm tired of Friendster.  I just killed my profile.

It was fun at first.  I even went on some Friendster dates that worked out pretty well, admittedly.  But now, its just a pain.

Its one thing to not provide any value...   I never get any new friend requests because the service is losing users, and not gaining any.  If that was the only issue, I would just leave my profile and let it drift.  But, I get spammed by fake hot girls trying to send me to porn sites elsewhere.  Why am I spending any time deleting those notification e-mails (which don't show me the message, requiring me to go to the site to check them out) if I don't get any value from the site?

So, it was fun while it lasted, Friendster, but well...   even above all this, the reality is, its not you, its me.  I'm not the kind of guy you're looking for.  You need someone more valuable.  Someone who clicks on all the ads, perhaps?  Someone who wants to list things for sale in the Friendster classifieds or start/join a Friendster group.  You want someone who wants to sign in and invite more friends to the service as soon as they enter before they even check their Friendster e-mail.  You want someone who wants to skin their Friendster profile, but not actually have full flexibility on the format.  You deserve better.  I'm sure you'll find better friends...   just look at the hundreds of people who aren't on Myspace and/or the Facebook.  I'm sure there are some of those people out there for you.  I'm just not that guy.