apophenia: MySpace blamed for alienated youth's threats

Link: apophenia: MySpace blamed for alienated youth's threats.

"Another beautiful MySpace article: Online Terror Threat Hits Local High School. The "terrorists" are two boys who are threatening to show up in school with machine guns. As a result of their posts to MySpace, most students didn't show up for school. The school district is pissed and blames MySpace for enabling students to "post their thoughts and ideas" without surveillance. They are deciding whether or not to sue MySpace."

I'm just glad most of the parents allowed their kids to stay home.  After Columbine, I think if my future kids told me they shouldn't show up at school because of some kids posted terror threats, I'd make sure they didn't go to school.  They should be thanking MySpace.  What if MySpace took those comments down before anyone saw them, and then those kids actually showed up at school, guns blazing?

Then, I'd sue MySpace.  But that's what parents seem to want.  "Take it down... hide their eyes...   keep them locked up."

If you're a parent out there, create a MySpace account.  Don't spy on your kids.  Ask them to be your "friend" on it.  If they don't want to be your friend, get your own friends on it. Get them to teach you how to put up music from your favorite bands.  Help them fix your template. 

I really think some kids might accept it, because they'll think its funny, but more than anything else, you'll seem like a parent who either "gets it" or is trying.  So, instead of getting freaked out about what's on MySpace, contribute your own content and join the crowd.