Weblogs, Inc. bought by AOL: Score one for the Brooklyn/Fordham combo

Jason just sold Weblogs, Inc. for $20-35 million.  Nice job.  Two years... no office, a bunch of bloggers and AdSense.  In fact, that's more than a nice job.  That's hustle, because here's a company with no technological barriers whatsoever.  Anyone could have done this, but not everyone did. 

There's a great line in the Fountainhead where somebody asks Howard Roark, "... but who's going to let you?"   His answer?

"Who's going to stop me?"

That's been Jason's approach.  And this won't be the last thing he builds either, I'm sure.  What's cool is that he's a Brooklyn guy...   he's from Bay Ridge, where I live now, and he went to Fordham.  Now, I wouldn't be surprised if Fordham doesn't know he went to Fordham.

Do you think that having an alum sell a blogging company for up to $35 million would convince them that maybe they should have a blog?

Congratulations Jason!