WIBCI: Gifting Recommendations

I'm the worst gifter ever.  I'm usually late and I never know what to get. 

How about a service where I plug all my gifting birthdays, anniversaries, etc from my cal, the vitals of the giftee and our relationship and it recommends like five gifts for me to choose from. 

I especially have this problem with my nieces in Tampa, mostly because I'm not really in touch with the tween and pre-tween scene.  Anyone have any ideas on gifts for a twelve year old and a nine year old? 

I think you could even run a service like this for free.  I think enough companies would pay for inclusion or ranking on a service where you wouldn't have to charge for the actual recommendations.  Perhaps you could even set it up so that anyone could offer up suggestions  and get paid when people actually purchase the item--recommend items and get paid.  Also, you could probably generate revenue from the metadata one could generate when people selected among recommended items and any kind of post-gift "Did they like it" rankings.  When you're shopping, they could even throw in a "how about something for you" gift or a "while you're shopping for your mom, get your wife some flowers" suggestion.

There have been a number of sites that have been successful playing into the way women shop, mostly because women do something like 70 percent of the non-electronics, non appliance shopping in this country.  This site would particularly play into the key aspect of the male shopper-we're idiots.  We don't have any idea what's good or what to get for anyone.  Plus, we're probably less price sensitive, because we shop less in general and we're willing to pay the idiot tax if we could significantly improve our chances of the gift we got actually being liked.

If this were free, I'd sign up now.  Even it wasn't, I'd still signup and probably pay about $5 an item if the recommendation was really good.

Oh, also, our Annual Meeting is coming up.  What's the best "lovely parting gift" you've ever given/recieved at one of these events?