Video Advertising

So the other day I'm watching the new Dunkin' Donuts commercial... have you seen this?  CEO sits down next to the lacky and suddenly the old guy is sporting some Snoop Dawg style cornrows.  He's also got a cup of the new vanilla spice flavor coffee.

"Whatcha got there, sir?"

"Oh, vanilla spice."

"That's kind of a change for you, no, sir?"

"Well, I just woke up today and thought I'd try a little something new."

Its hilarious.  I nearly fell off my chair the first time I saw it.

Then, it got me thinking about the following problem:

A lot of people have trying to become Flickr for video.  The ones I've used are Castpost and Vimeo.

The Flickr model is that its free up until a certain bandwidth, and then you pay for more access.  Flickr is a really great service and I don't know what their revs or expenses were, but it just seemed like that could only get so big.  I think the NPV of the values Flickr could actually generate on its own was probably less than its combinatoral value (whatever law that is) as yet another thing one could do on Yahoo! if they could integrate it into the network properly.

Video presents a similar issue... one that's worse.  Video requires that much more bandwith and  is a smaller market with less valuable metadata.  The market will always be smaller in terms of videos created versus pictures taken because