eHub Edits

I've gotten some negative feedback about my eHub post, which I made a few edits to.

Just wanted to make a few things clear:

  1. I don't speak for  my firm on my personal blog, especially now that we have our own.  Keeping with that, I took out the paragraph about how my rant relates to the way we do business.  Should be more careful about that.
  2. The only thing I said personally about Emily was, "Emily Chang is a slick designer and an
    even savvier businesswoman."   
    I believe that, and last time I checked, that's a compliment.
  3. Basically, what I was trying to say was that its really easy to look at this resource like its an "auto-fill for a deal log", which it isn't.   I was trying to comment on how there are so many little web tools out there that its a lot to keep up with.
  4. I never said eHub was a bad tools resource.  Its a great tools resource in fact.
  5. Anyone who reads my blog regularly (which I'm not sure that my critics do) knows I can have an abrasive and sometimes obnoxious style, and sometimes I use that to emphasize a point.

So, I apoligize if I offended anyone.  That was not my intention.

You're all welcome to unsubscribe from my blog, of course, and to rant about my obnoxious behavior when you do.  In fact, I'd be happy to link to it.  :)

Of course, I say that in jest.  I hope you don't unsubscribe, but I encourage anti-Charlie ranting.  I love feedback, of any kind.

Perhaps karma got me back with the ankle injury.  "What goes around..."