Adrianna is blogging

Talk about transparancy...

Now you get to watch all our little domestic issues play out in real time, because Adrianna is blogging.

She wrote this because we have this issue about her trying to buy clothes for me.  I'm sure there are a lot of cavemen in my court.  I just don't really care too much about clothing.  I just want to be comfortable.  I hate the idea of buying brand for brand's sake or following what's "in".  She says she just thinks I'd look better in certain things. 

"I'm just a caveman.  Your world of pastels and flat front pants frightens and confuses me."

In the meantime, she helped me with some of the apartment stuff and will continue to do so... so its not like I'm totally closed minded, right?  Anyone agree?

Should I let her dress me for success or draw a line in the sand that my no-style style is personal and shouldn't be messed with?