The 'Stang

Its here.

It arrived Friday.




Its a fantastic to drive...  it definitely has a Mustang "feel".   The front end is a monster and you definitely feel like you've got to corral the 300 horsies in front of you.   I put the top down as soon as I could... even drove around Friday night with it down.  (With the heat on full blast for Adrianna, mind you.)

Weekend car highlights:

I pull up to a light on Flatbush Avenue and two guys in a delivery truck pull up next to me, peering over at my car.  I've got the top down.  One guy beeps the horn and goes, "Yo, dat shit is tight."   

That's good, right?  :)

Then, last night after softball, I went to go get my car and a little kid about nine had his jacket on the trunk.  I said to his group, "Hey, who's jacket is this, I don't want to drive away with it."  He goes, "Hey man, this your car?  This is a cool car, man."     Stay in school kid.  Stay in school.

And the best part is, the chicks love it:


If you haven't noticed, yet, the car is also why I have that new little widget on my sidebar.  Peer produced reporting for gas prices...   Web 2.0 is going to save me some money at the pump.