Suspicious Clicking on Friendster

Friendster has just added a tool that allows people to see who has viewed their profiles.  In the last week, my profile has really become popular.  The interesting thing is that where its become popular is a bit fishy.

3/4 of these clicks are coming from Malaysia and the Phillipines.  Now, of course I realize the power of my universal appeal, but perhaps we might consider something else going on here.

Clickfraud?  I think that's a real possibility.

There are advertisements on my profile...    I mean, seriously, why the heck would straight Phillipino guys click me... and a lot of them, too. 

Unless its a case of my head looking like the logo of some Asian product, like Homer in the Simpsons.  Maybe I'm the next Mr. Sparkle!

I'm certainly not trying to knock Friendster here, because they've done a lot in the last few months to revamp the service, but this is just kind of weird.