The Secret of the DTUT WiFi

Ok, so anyone who has ever been to DTUT and tried to connect to their free wireless has probably undergone the same issues, especially if you are set to automatically obtain an IP address when you connect. 

However, this random guy clued me in to how to fix it and I've been connect all night, busy working hard on my new Success Blogging site.  You have to set your network connection to connect to a specific IP address...   

Go to your Internet Protocal (TCP/IP) properties...

Instead of "Obtain an IP address automatically" click both options to use specific addresses. 

Type in the following:

IP Address:  198_168_1_xxx     Instead of xxx, I used 156, but you can't all use the same one, so try 155, 157, 158 or something.

Subnet mask:   255_255 _255_0     Why do they call this a mask?  No idea, but this pops up automatically for me.

Default gateway: 192_168_1_254

DNS info:

Preferred DNS server:  151_202_0_84    

Alternate DNS server:    151_203_0_84

Hopefully, this works for you.  Now you don't have to bother the cool counter people, like the kid with "C A $ H" tattooed on his fist.  I'm sure they could use one or two less moochers asking them to reset the connection.  Leave them alone and buy a brownie.