Commercials at the Movies

Ben from Church of the Customer, an early member of the Industry Blog Index at my Success Blogging site, has written an open letter to movie theatre owners in an attempt to stop them from forcing us to watch commercials.  Its a nice thought, but its not going to happen unless we walk with our feet.  How about a comprimise?  Why not but real commercials before the movie starts, instead of those silly movie quizes and actor name jumbles.  For the most part, we all get into our seats at least 10 minutes before the movie starts anyway.  At least then we don't feel ripped off because we know we're there early, so we don't feel like we're paying to watch commercials.  In fact, you could sell 15 minutes straight of commericals, with each slot getting more expensive as it gets closer to the movie.  In Manhatten, for example, people are in their seats by at least a 1/2 hour before big movies and we just sit there watching the same "Who said that?" ad four times.  I don't blame movie theaters for trying to increase revenues... but they're missing out on one revenue opportunity and annoying us with another.  How about switching?