- MLB - Seeking relief, Astros add 44-year-old Franco

Link: - MLB - Seeking relief, Astros add 44-year-old Franco.

Thank God...   Its OVER.  I was going to write something about how many blown saves he had for the Mets, so I went to his page on  Someone had sponsored the page and summed up my feelings on John Franco perfectly...



        Mr. Wilpon, I sponsored this page so you wouldn't waste another penny on this guy.

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Dave Alexandro...  You're hilarious.

For the record, with the Mets, Franco had 276 Saves and 64 Blown Saves... 81.1%.  So, one out of five times he went out there, he blew it.   In 1998, the Mets finished 2 games shy of the wild card and Franco went 0-8 with 8 blown saves.  Good riddence.