Everything is Broken

I feel behind in my posting over the weekend because of the "Spite Monkey."   

The Spite Monkey is a irratating little critter who messes up your life in little annoying ways for his own personal amusement.  Over the weekend, the Spite Monkey once again knocked out the cable internet connection to my whole building, and also delayed the installation of an amp to fix the problem.  I can't even threaten Time Warner to jump for DSL b/c I don't have a land line and having one just for DSL is more expensive, PLUS I left DSL because the service was even worse.

After that, he crashed the hard drive on my work laptop, leaving it in FUBAR status.  Unfortunately, my San Fran pics were on there (which was stupid on my part), but FORTUNATELY, I had uploaded my San Fran pics to Snapfish.  You know, it kind of bugs me that I have to pay to get the hi-res images back, but, to be honest, I think this episode really underscores the need for some kind of online storage for photos.  Snapfish will charge me 10 bucks to get a photo CD of 50 pics if I really want it and, to be honest, that's a better deal than paying for some kind of monthly file storage.  I just like the option value of keeping all my stuff on my own drives.  I thought maybe I would burn them to CDs, but then what if my apartment goes up in flames.  (Perish the thought, but stuff like that happens, you know.) 

I'm also thinking of scanning up a whole bunch of old letters, etc and uploading those to Snapfish.  I have a love letter that my girlfriend from 8th grade wrote to me.  You can't replace that kind of sappiness.  Yes, truly, some document/photo archiving is in order.   

The good thing is that GM was able to get me back up in running in a short amount of time.  They had an image of my disk from September, so I have all my progams.  It also has all of the spyware that I got rid of since Ad-aware came to the rescue, so I need to do that again.  More posts to follow...