Hurricane? No problem.

If you even have the slightest notion that someone might be down at Boathouse, you'll probably be right. So the Fordham Young Alumni whitewater trip got washed away (after we drove halfway to Jim Thorpe, PA), and I wound up in my apartment as the sun started to poke out. It was around 12:30 and I thought, "I wonder if anyone is opening up now that the sun is out." So, I hop in the car and decide to take a look. No surprise at all... Taino, XL, and Zia are preparing for a trip on their own, and Victor is hanging around as well. I asked Taino if he had another spot and he looks at me, points to the river and goes, "We have the whole river.. there are thousands of spots, but if your boat isn't ready in about 3 minutes, we're leaving you here." So I rush to grab a kayak, life jacket, skirt, pump and paddle float... and a paddle of course, and in no time, we're on the water paddling north. The sun didn't stay out too long though, and there was a pretty brisk wind coming off the shore. The water was incredibly choppy, and I had one of the longer kayaks, which would ride up a wave and then flop back down the other side with a big splash as it came down off the peak. It was a blast, and we paddled up to 66A, right by Chelsea Piers. We got out and sat around on the pier for a big, but when the skies got even darker, I suggested we get back on the water--plus I was getting cold, because my swim shorts were wet. It was a lot warmer in the water, actually. It took us no time at all to go back, and in fact, the toughest thing about going back was trying to keep the waves from pushing you sideways. Every now and then, you'd fishtail b/c the wave was pushing you faster than you could paddle. So, while we didn't get to go whitewater rafting this morning, I got to go splashing around in the Hudson in a kayak.