Gitmo on the Hudson

Its nice to be checked in on from across the globe.  Makes me feel special.  :)

Anyway, so I was a detainee over the weekend, not in Guantanomo, but in the Hudson River and the Marina at Battery Park.   So, we were supposed to kayak to Governor's Island on Saturday morning, and we were going to have an opportunity to get out and have lunch there.   Well, we get out of the embayment at Pier 26 about 200 yards and here comes the Coast Guard in one of their little orange patrol boats.  First, they told us to hug the seawall, and then a second CG boat tells us to stop.  Taino and Harry went up to them and handed over their IDs to try to negotiate.  Keep in mind, the whole time the current is taking us out to the harbor at a 4 knot clip.  Eventually, we had to start backpaddling just to stay in the same spot, about a 100 yards off the south cove at Battery Park.  After about 45 minutes of just sitting in the water doing nothing, we were instructed to head back upstream (against the current) and go into the Marina.  The Marina is on the seaside of the Winter Garden next to the World Trade Center site.  We wound up having to sit by these two docks in the corner for like an hour.  It looked like Fisherman's Wharf in San Fran, except replace the seals with kayakers eating their lunch and snacks.  Finally, they told us we weren't going to be let across and we just headed upstream back to the boathouse.  Two hours of paddling, and about a total of 1 mile actually travelled.  It was still a good time...  bizarre, but a good time nonetheless.  I learned that exactly 89 Baby Goldfish make a serving.