I'm sitting in DTUT... writing.

I'm sitting in DTUT... writing. There's a guitarist playing. Its some chick with funky Macey Gray hair. She's pretty good. Two girls are yapping away Sex in the City style next to me at the table, each with a glass of red wine. On the other side of the table is a younger couple... they can't be any more than 20. He's Asian, she looks Arabic... maybe Hispanic. He has a glass of wine and she has tea. There are two finished desert plates in front of them. They're looking intently at each other as they speak. At the counter, two middle aged men sit together in gay sweaters. They're not watching or listening to the guitarist. They're watching CNN on the TV above. The two girls japping away don't notice the guitarist either. Across the room, two men sit on the either side of a small table in high backed old chairs. I can't tell if they're together, but one of them has a sketch pad. He never looks up, so he doesn't appear to be sketching anything in the room. I think the only person in the room looking up at me at any point is the guitarist, but she has a spotlight on her, so I doubt she can even see me. I'm anonymous here.. and I can just sit and watch.