Went to the Young Alumni

Went to the Young Alumni event at SHOW last night...

First off, listening to McShane talk is worth the price of admission. He said that he wants Fordham to become the preminent Catholic educational institution in this country. And why the hell shouldn't it be? Why not strive for the highest goal possible, because even if you miss your target, you still wind up in a great place.

Also, its amazing how, after you bash people on Blog, they're suddenly and randomly nice to you. It almost as if they're reading your posts. Maybe its just that comments like that turn the mirror on someone, and they realize they haven't been acting like the people they want to be. That would be sincere and totally acceptable. The cynic in me wonders whether or not people just don't like to be perceived negatively... and will make nice regardless of how they really feel about you. Eh, well... doesn't matter I suppose. At the end of the day, sincere or not, I'd rather have people just be nice to me. Its not like it would kill them.

I don't really post a lot of current events stuff on my Blog. Its mostly thoughts, musings, etc... so while, if you were reading it, maybe you'd understand more about me, its not like you'd feel like you were my friend or anything. You wouldn't really know anything about my life in detail. Kristin's blog, however, gives you such a detailed account, sometimes you do probably feel like a better friend to her than you really are. Without thinking of it, I asked her how her ankle was. I didn't know anything about her ankle, other than from reading her Blog. That's kind of weird, no? I mean... we're not really friends, but I know a lot about her. I dunno.... its sort of sketchy.

Just got a call from Nelson from the Brooklyn Bisons.... that other team that I mentioned the other day. This guy has two teams, an A and a B squad... and he's definately looking for more guys. Sounds like he needs people... now I'm excited again.