Sex and friendship.... Its just

Sex and friendship.... Its just not easy stuff to deal with. So often, the reasons we find ourselves attracted to someone are the same reasons we want to keep them in our lives as friends. It has been debated endlessly whether or not the two can co-exist. More and more, it seems as if more of one overshadows the other. I heard someone ask a question which the answer was, "If you know you are not looking to build a relationship with someone, you shouldn't be hooking up with someone." Seems kind of idealistic, doesn't it? I think a lot less people would get hurt that way, though... and maybe its the right way to go.

When I asked Liz to go to dinner, she hesitated, because she had a boyfriend. Deirg specifically gave me orders that I could never date any of her friends, concievably for as long as I live. Grace tried to set me up with a friend of hers, but the friend didn't want anything b/c Grace and I had hooked up in the past. It all works rather strangely... Relationships, friendships, sex... its all rather complicated, and it hurts a lot of people. Maybe if we call just acknowledged that we're all well intentioned, but we're all just trying to figure out what we want for ourselves, so be patient with each other, things would turn out a lot better.