On Thursday night, I went straight from LaGuardia to Bar 515.  PS, the Delta Shuttle to Boston is wonderful.  You literally drive up and park about 500 feet from the plane, and the whole process takes about 5 minutes to get on.  Its a pleasure.  Anyway, so I drove straight to the bar, and parked by one of those Muni Meter things.  They really dropped the ball by not letting you insert bills into it.  I suppose that's done on purpose, because they're counting on you not having change.  Its more lucrative for the city for you to get a ticket than for you to pay the meter.
Anyway, so I've got my phone and my keys and I'm shuffling through the bag in my trunk for change.  The moment I closed the trunk, I was like, "Oh shit."

I know at that moment, without checking my pockets, that I had left the keys in the trunk.  It was like I was subconsciously paying attention, but not enough to remember to put the keys back in my pocket, just enough to notice that I left them lying in the trunk.  Anyway, remembering the commercial, I called the Pontiac Roadside Assistance people and they transferred me to OnStar.  I told the lady that I locked myself out and she's like, "No problem, we'll have the drivers side door unlocked in ten minutes...  I just need your PIN number from you."   

Faaaaaaantastic!  They opened it by satellite.  How cool is that?  Anyway, that only got me halfway there, though, because the keys were in the trunk and I don't think my car has a truck latch inside the car.  I know that's hard to believe, but I really checked.  I'll have to go consult the manual on this, but its certainly not in any place that any normal human being would expect it to be.  So, I had to climb into the back seat, pull the fold down seats to get into the trunk, and climb into the truck from inside the car.  I was literally in the trunk up to my waist with my legs flopping around the inside of the car.  I couldn't see anything and I was just blindly groping.  Finally, I found them, and ended this amusing incident unscathed.  That right there makes OnStar worth it, though.  I mean, being a GM employee, we get it for free, but whatever the price is, that incident definately saved me a good hundred bucks and much time wasted, because I'm sure that's what a tow truck or lock guy would have changed me to Slim Jim their way in.