This is Going to Be Stupid

We have a first today at the site...   Someone random linked to me. 

I was looking at my referring sites and noticed a site a didn't recognize.  I have no idea who this person is, but he linked to my post regarding "the big red middle."  I'm not going to defend my opinion for two reasons:

1)  I shouldn't have to.  I posted my feelings and I wasn't knocking anyone else's feelings.

2)  The comment obviously wasn't meant to be serious political analysis and commentary.  Anytime I end a post with "warm, fuzzy feelings" and "Go Rudy" you should be intuitive enough to realize I'm not being serious.  Truthfully, that's how I feel, but it was a silly, offhand comment.  If I was posting a more serious assessment on the reasons why I think Rudy Giuliani would make a better President than Hilary Clinton you'd be able to tell the difference.

Obviously, people's opinions differ from my own, and I respect that.  What I can't stand is people who will personally attack those whose opinions differ from their own.  The random guy who linked to me went on to describe the Midwest, which supported Bush in large numbers (4-8% in a controversial and highly contested presidential election is a pretty solid margin as far as I'm concerned... ), in the following manner:

"That big red middle you got your mandate from, a lot of that "red" is sand, dirt, rocks, water, and three guys with AK-47s!  Do you really think every square mile of this great country has the same population density? Dear Lord no, you can't be that stupid, can you."

I'm sorry, but that's just really offensive.  My best friend is from Wyoming and she's a lovely human being.  I understand the nature of population density and we can debate this all we want, but the bottom line is that Bush won and Kerry lost, no matter how you slice it.  What's not necessary is to rip on anyone's personal opinion.  I don't think anyone was stupid for voting for John Kerry.  In fact, I was a Kerry voter, just barely, for a good part of this election, and it wasn't until the debates that I ran out of patience with him.  I don't think anyone would be stupid to vote for Hilary Clinton if she ever ran either.  I personally dislike her (greatly) but the best part about our country is that we're all free to express our opinion.  There's no need to characterize people in Middle America as three guys with AK-47s.  That's just offensive and disrespectful, and there's nothing that can justify that.  We're one country, and while we don't always agree, we should respect each other and take each other seriously.

Also, there's no need to characterize me as Republican.  I'm a registered independent and I'm pretty liberal on a number of issues.  Frankly, I think political parties should be banned and I'd like to just choose based on each candidates individual criteria, rather than their ability to tow a party line.  That's why I like Bloomberg.  Let's be clear, now.  Mayor Mike is a Democrat.  He switched parties to run in the mayoral election and avoid a very crowded Democratic slate of hopefuls.  He could care less about political parties, because he's rich enough to care less.  He says what he feels and does what he feels is right.  I respect that.

Anyway... I will give the random linker credit for an amusing headline to his post.

"This is going to be stupid.  I can feel it."  Highly amusing.

I wonder how he found my blog.  Perhaps now that I've posted this, he'll come out of the woodwork and post a comment on my site as opposed to just talking behind my blog.  :)