Graveyard of Ships

So we went to the "Graveyard of Ships" over the weekend. (I know, its Tuesday, but its been a busy week.)

Here are the pics...

Now, I know that putting them up on my career posting site is absolutely the worst place for them, but I didn't realize how the naming convention and structure of Typepad would work. One of these days, I'll fix it and put them in the right place, but for now, you can't get to them unless you know the exact site. Besides, so what would be so bad if they knew that their career advice was coming from someone who kayaks in the Hudson River. Well.... umm.... nevermind.

By the way, I got my first question up on the site. I need more, though... lots more! Encourage your college student friends, parents of college students, etc. to find people to e-mail to and checkout the site at

Have I mentioned the site enough?

Once more... just to be safe...

Use it. Post questions... or I'll hunt you people down like the dogs that you are.

Or... I'll just be disappointed. Either way. :