Girls with Boyfriends & Elmo

Ok, so I'm at DTUT right now and they have rented out the entire back half for a kiddie party. I think the birthday girl is about 1, so she really has no idea who all of these people are. Call me a cynic, but there's no point to throwing birthdays for kids who have no idea what's going on. Its more for the parents then anything.

Watching this whole scene play out has given me a great idea for a business. Someone could make a killing out in front of this place valet parking all of these strollers. First of all, these things have gotten like SUVs. Some of the wheels are basically regular sized car tires and I could swear that one of them had spinner rims.

This woman just asked one of the bus boys how she'd know which one was hers after they took the stroller from her to put it in the basement or something. ?!? Um... how many of them have purple ducks strapped to the side? If she was really that concerned, she'd leave something in it even more recognizable, like her kid. (Holy shit... ELMO JUST WALKED IN. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. ITS REALLY ELMO... IN THE FUZZ...ELMO ROCKS.)

Of course, this kid has no idea who Elmo is and half of the kids are crying now. You know its more for the parents. I hear they're considering Elmo to replace Pierce as the next 007.

Oh, and how is this for sketchy. I'm sitting here last night and this girl starts talking to me. She goes to a local college and she's studying for exams next week. We start chatting and she breaks out with the "Its so hard meeting people in the city." So we talk about all the things we do in our spare time, like her world travel and my kayaking. We trade numbers and I wind up texting her after she leaves. Here's the text conversation...

Me: This uber-style conscious chic just sat down in your seat. She has this ridiculous fuzzy hat and is not nearly as interesting to watch... and yeah, I was definately watching out of the corner of my eye before you spoke up. I'm glad you did. Have a good night.

Her: Uh oh... You better watch out, u know what they say about women w/ fuzzy hats..! It was great to meet u... Perhaps we will meet up soon?!

So I go home, go to sleep, and then I'm back at DTUT the next day...

Me: Definately... what's your real e-mail btw? You're probably working tonight, but if not, you should come out with my roommates and I. I'll be at DTUT all afternoon, but they have a kiddie party here until 2:15, so I can't guarantee a seat.

Her: I work till 2am- blah! Thanks though! I must admit, i have a bf. Perhaps u dont want 2 hang out anymore b/c of that?

WTF?? I'm sorry, but what are you doing trading numbers with guys at cafes and talking about how hard it is to meet people in the city if you have a boyfriend??? That's just bad news... and I don't want to talk to her, but not because she has a boyfriend, but she's obviously walking a very thin line with being honest and upfront. I certainly wouldn't want to be her boyfriend. Now, if she mentioned it upfront and said, "Yeah it would be cool to get our friends together and hang out because we're so close by," I would have been totally ok with that, but that is seriously sketchy. Am I wrong?