Find My Path

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm always taking on some new project. I'm an idea guy, and in the last few years, a lot of my ideas have related to students.

My latest project is a Q&A website. Every year, I wind up talking to more and more students asking career advice--either because I'm on alumni lists, or through the SEMI program, or because they are friends with other students I've spent time with. A lot of them ask the same questions. Answering all of them all in one shot was the idea of the book--but getting the book published has been like watching paint dry. At the same time, I've been getting into this blogging thing--reading what basically amounts to online magazine columns written by VCs all over the web. So, I figured... why don't I do something on the web?

So... here it is:

The idea is mindnumbingly simple. Students send in a question, and an answer gets posted on the site. Not only does that student benefit from getting the answer, but a lot of students benefit from hearing someone elses question, because they might not know what to ask, and getting the answer.

So, for anyone reading this... Do me a favor. E-mail as many people as you know--college students, parents of college students, anyone that might somehow pass this on to a student who might ask a question. The website is and the e-mail I'll be using for the site is I'm really serious about this and if it succeeds, it will make publishing the book a heck of a lot easier. Thanks.