Ozzy/Rob Zombie Concert

Saturday night I went to go see Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie at the Garden.  It was a pretty good show and certainly the most animated I've ever seen Ozzy.  Clearly there are some invisible cattle prods going on there.  

Seeing Ozzy wasn't so much about the performance as it was just being able to get to see him, so I'm giving him a lot of leeway on the quality there.  Whatever energy he lacked, the crowd certainly made up for.

Rob Zombie, however, was an animal.  Here's a clip of one of my favorite songs, "Dragula":

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Actually tried to buy some indie music today (Kilsy)... Sucky process, but I still bought.

I caught this band Kilsy on TV last night...  so I checked out their site this morning. Admittedly, I don't know too much about indie music, so must of the stuff I listen to, if purchased, would like the pockets of music publishers, not the band.  That's why I'd rather actually go to show to be supportive instead.  But that wasn't the case here, so I decided to buy some tracks. Headed over to their MySpace page first:

Yeah, um, not so much.   

Ok, how about this PayPlay thing?

No, thanks.  I don't want to register or join anything...  I just want to buy music.

Hmm...  I wonder if they have a last.fm page.

They do.

That led me to Amazon, where the album was actually cheaper..  a 1-click buy... until....

Jeezus... No wonder they've only got 103 total plays on Last.fm. Folks, you gotta make your stuff easier to get.   Are you even making any money from online album sales??    Seems it would be easier to just give the stuff away and play more and bigger venues.

I wound up downloading the Amazon thing, but I don't trust it.  I think its watching me.


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