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5:23PM... no Newsday article yet...

Tomorrow is the day my 2nd Newsday appearence gets published...   the website was supposed to be up today, but it hasn't been updated yet.   I'm DYING to see it...   Very exciting stuff.

News from The Roanoke Times -'Blog' wins place of note in lexicon and consciousness

Link: News from The Roanoke Times -'Blog' wins place of note in lexicon and consciousness.

Nicely written article...   "The word of the year is "blog." - Record 'Jeopardy' run ends - Dec 1, 2004

Link: - Record 'Jeopardy' run ends - Dec 1, 2004.

Well, its about time.  Now I can go back to watching Jeopardy without having to watch this goofball anymore.  I'm sure Trebeck is relieved, as well. 

Ken Jennings, your 15 minutes of fame is up. 

I'll tell you one thing.  If it was me who beat him, I definately would have been obnoxious.  I would have probably jumped up on the podium and screamed, "In your face, Kenny boy.   Wooooooooooooooooo."   Then, I would have sung a little "Sha na-na na...." - Publisher: 'Blog' No. 1 word of the year - Nov 30, 2004

Link: - Publisher: 'Blog' No. 1 word of the year - Nov 30, 2004.

Jeez... this is all moving very quickly.   I think I need to write the proposal for my  new book before other people start jumping on this bandwagon.  I'll do it this weekend. - MLB - Reports: Mets top Red Sox offer for Pedro

Link: - MLB - Reports: Mets top Red Sox offer for Pedro.

Well, this makes total sense.  Here's a big name guy with a bad attitude, past his prime and on the decline, asking for too much money.  Oh, not to mention the fact that his health is suspect. 

He fits perfect with the Mets strategy.

I've heard some Sammy Sosa rumors as well.  Again, right in line, and it would be great to have both an overrated pitcher on the decline AND a slugger on the decline.

Is Jose Canseco available?