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San Fran Getaway Continued..

So after I walked out of the Starbucks this morning, I walked down this street with a sign to "Coit Tower".  There was a long set of steep stairs up this hill and a spire at the top of the hill... looked like an interesting place to go, plus I wondered with the view might look like from up there.

Img_0115_1 The sun kind of washed out the second and third level of stairs above this....  its such a curious setup, right up from the end of this side street.

Img_0116 At the top of this set of stairs, halfway up the hill, there's a really great view.  PS... this post is now a race against my laptop battery.  Can't find a plug in this Starbucks.


Odd pink castle up the hill...

Img_0118_4 You gotta be kiddin' me...   

"Hey, where do these stairs go?

They go up..."   

- Ghostbusters  (One of the most well written comedies ever.)

Img_0119 Who says people in California are strange?  This woman appears to be completely normal.  Of course, I'm not sure I can say the same thing for the owner of this house.

Img_0121 Well, maybe I do have some photographic talent.  Although, a untrained monkey probably could have taken a good shot from this spot given this fantastic scenery.  Obviously, that's the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.  Perhaps New York should start painting some of its bridges.  How about painting the Verrazano bridge yellow?

Img_0123 I'm here.... literally.  The little black asterisk on the top left of the map marks my spot...   but I'm also right there in the reflection.  Cool, no?  My tat my reflect my inner badass, but this picture definately reflects the inner dork.  Check out the panorama of photos at the top of this hill by the Coit Tower below...







You know what, I'm not even going to include a picture of the tower itself, because its not nearly as cool as the view.

But you know what is cool?  This guy's door...

Img_0134 I took that on the walk back down the hill.

The rest of the day I spent mostly driving.  I drove down to Palo Alto to have lunch with Valarie from CM Capital at Zibbibo.  I had a puttenesca pizza... good stuff. 

I did visit Stanford, but I didn't take any pictures.  I don't want to jinx it, because then I'll feel like a goofball.  After Stanford, I drove around University Avenue...  there are some great houses down on the other end.  I love looking at houses.  I took an architecture course in Regis and every time I look at an interesting design, I mentally add it to the list of stuff I'd like in my own house one day.  I think it would be great to design my own house--with someone special of course. 

A really special architect.  ;)

Oh, Holian will appreciate this.  On the drive back into the city, I snapped off a quick photo on the highway..

Img_0139_1   How sweet is that Vette?  Its like a '70 or so.  I also saw a new Mustang at Stanford.  I can't decide whether or not I want a new Mustang or an older car like this.  I guess it depends on whether or not I'll be driving to Greenwich everyday.

Comment Me, Baby

I wish more people would post comments on my blog.  It would be nice if it was a bit more interactive.

Under the General

     Thinking about grad school and figuring out where my next challenges are going to come from has made realize just how much of a constant GM has been in my life.  I've been there since February 3, 1997.  Just the idea of not being there is a little strange and just that building itself has become sort of a mental safety beacon.  I walk around midtown with friends or on dates and enivitably I walk by it and point out to anyone who doesn't know yet, "I work here."  Walking around its halls has always felt comfortable and there was never anyone there I felt I had to be careful or timid around, from Allen Reed on down.  Oh, I applied for other internships and jobs in the meantime, but nothing else provided the challenge and the stimulation, so it was never really an issue.  Even when I signed with JP Morgan, my start date was so far away that I'm not sure the realization that I would be leaving GM ever truly hit me.
     And now, leaving in the next year is a realistic possibility--in fact, its a likely occurrence.  Its not necessarily scary...  its just...  different.  Its a lot to think about.  At the same time, its exciting.  The one thing I'm definately not used to is having to convince anyone of my ability.  I was sitting there writing applications and I just wanted to write down what I told Larry--that I would bet any amount of money that, when all is said and done, however you want to measure success, that I would come out in the top quarter of my Stanford class in twenty years.  The trouble is, like investing in venture, is that there isn't a commonly accepted set of predictive criteria on leadership, so you present who you are, and you just leave it up to some admissions counselor to decide whether or not you're a top quartile candidate.  Its very frustrating.  You just want to reach through the computer (the app was online) and grab the counselor and go, "How can you not see that I'm great!?  I'll outhustle any of these goofballs."
And that's what it really comes down to--outhustling your competition, which is difficult to show in a short trial.  That's why I did so well at GM.  I had four years to show them I was worth hiring.  That helped, because I'm not particularly flashy as a candidate for anything. 
     That's what happened to me when I tried out for baseball at Regis.  Its hard to show up with 80 guys trying out for 18 spots and singles hit your way onto the roster.  I remember this one at bat when I was playing for St. Ephrem's...   I must have fouled off about 8 or 9 pitches.  BashThe pitcher was visably frustrated and it just popped into my mind that I was absolutely getting a hit.  I just decided to get a hit.  Now, maybe that's just drinking the Kool Ade, but it was so clear to me in my mind that I was going to get one.  On the next pitch, I smacked an eye level fastball right up through the box on a line drive--nearly decapitated the pitcher.  It was really a laser.  Yet, how can you show people in a short trial that you can do that? 
     So here I am with three or four possible paths that my life could take over the next year, but I'm not exactly holding the cards.  I hate feeling like I cannot affect my life and that I have to depend on outside forces.  I've always believed that your life is what you make out of, and that, to a large extext, you can pretty much brute force your destiny--if only because few others believed you could and no one else was really trying.  I still believe that in the grand scheme, but these little individual decision points that I need to leave in the hands of others are inordinately frustrating for me.  Last night, I saw the Incredibles, which was incredibly entertaining.  There was a preview for Star Wars (which I don't seem to be as big a fan as everyone else's), but it made me think of Obi Wan's ability to influence the decisions of others.  I'd like to just be able to wave my hand and get them to say, "This one has promise, we should take him on."
    I'll tell you though, this is where blogs become interesting.  Someone made a comment the other day about how blogs might change the nature of job interviews.


Deirg (I figured I'd post a picture of her, since I'm going picture crazy lately and she does represent a good third of my social life as one of my two best friends) said last night that she would never feel comfortable with an employer reading her blog.  Personaly, I didn't have an issue with it, and in a way, I welcomed it.  In all honesty, this is as close to a record of who I've been for the past eight months as anything...certainly more fullsome than an interview.  Sure, maybe there are some off color jokes, but if people aren't comfortable with that, then I'm probably not suited to work for them.  Politcal comments?  Yeah, that could hinder me, too.  But, its me.  I'm not apologetic for any of it and I think its a lot of the kind of insight people are looking for in an interview.  To me, interviews have always been more about personality and drive than qualifications.  When I interviewed Jeff the Intern, he had little experience with Access, and no experience dealing with institutional investing.  He knew nothing about private equity either.  But,  what he had was curiousity and drive.  If there was a model to do that he had to learn from scratch, I could count on him to figure his way out of it.  Would I rather have had someone who had created cashflow models for portfolios?  Well, actually, no.  Because, how would I know where their knowledge ends.  Everyone's knowledge ends somewhere... more importantly is where they are going to take it when they reach that point.  Will they strive to learn?  Stay late or wake up early to noodle their way out of a perplexing problem?  I can throw a lot at that kid and I just know enough of it will stick that he'll figure it out, which is how I think of myself.  I can't tell you how many times I've cut Larry off and said, "Just give it to me, I'll figure it out."  That's personality...  that's tough to diligence in an interview.  Yet, I don't think most people would be comfortable with an employer delving into their experiences on such a personal level.  Me?  I say, "Bring it on."

Google Mail Notifier

Do you know why I like Google Mail Notifier?   

Because, as I'm rushing out of my apartment to leave work, it lets me know if there are any last minute, potentially career altering, messages I need to mull over on my way into work.

The Spot Fairy

I just got a visit from the Spot Fairy. I was walking up my block and I noticed a spot on the right side of the street for tomorrow. I had planned on waking up a 1/2 hour earlier to park the car in Queens by Deirg's house, as per the usual game of musical cars I play. Now, I get an extra 1/2 hour of sleep, b/c the car is legally parked right across the street from my apartment.

Thank you, Spot Fairy.