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Trackback Spam

So I checked my e-mail this morning and I had nine notices of trackbacks.  "Ooh... my site is catching on, look at this."  Nope...  TRACKBACK SPAM.   The trackbacks were total gibberish.  So I added them to my blocked list and then deleted them.

Here's a question.  I labeled them all "trackback spam" and then put them on my blocked list, but does any other user of Typepad benefit from that?  I'm sure I wasn't the only one trackback spammed last night from those addresses and I'm sure most users will block the address after they clean their site.  Why shouldn't we collectively benefit from all that labeling?  SixApart should partner with Cloudmark, which has this "community" concept to help block e-mail spam, to offer some kind of trackback screen.  If enough Typepad/MT users block an IP address and call it spam for trackbacks, every other user who signs up would get the benefit of that block.  I'd pay for that in a second, because if this trackback spam gets as bad as e-mail spam got at its peak, I'd probably quit blogging.

Martin at Ignition had a similar problem on MT, but admittedly, the volumes of spam he got were much worse.  His comments were on point, though.  Even though I only had nine, it was way too cumbersome to delete, label, and block these goofballs.  I'm surprised he didn't mention a possible Cloudmark solution, since Cloudmark is Ignition's company. 

The Secret of the DTUT WiFi

Ok, so anyone who has ever been to DTUT and tried to connect to their free wireless has probably undergone the same issues, especially if you are set to automatically obtain an IP address when you connect. 

However, this random guy clued me in to how to fix it and I've been connect all night, busy working hard on my new Success Blogging site.  You have to set your network connection to connect to a specific IP address...   

Go to your Internet Protocal (TCP/IP) properties...

Instead of "Obtain an IP address automatically" click both options to use specific addresses. 

Type in the following:

IP Address:  198_168_1_xxx     Instead of xxx, I used 156, but you can't all use the same one, so try 155, 157, 158 or something.

Subnet mask:   255_255 _255_0     Why do they call this a mask?  No idea, but this pops up automatically for me.

Default gateway: 192_168_1_254

DNS info:

Preferred DNS server:  151_202_0_84    

Alternate DNS server:    151_203_0_84

Hopefully, this works for you.  Now you don't have to bother the cool counter people, like the kid with "C A $ H" tattooed on his fist.  I'm sure they could use one or two less moochers asking them to reset the connection.  Leave them alone and buy a brownie.


Professional Blog Spinoff

As I prepare for my upcoming Learning Annex gig on March 16th and I start working with NYSSA on an finance/investment related blogging seminar, on top of the new book idea, I'm realizing that I need a better vehicle to organize my thoughts (and promote them) in regards to blogging as a career tool.  Therefore, I've decided to spin off my existing posts on blogging as a career tool into a blog called Success Blogging.  I already got the domain name and I'm working on connecting it to my existing TypePad account.  On this new blog, I'll be posting about my thoughts related to the book, as well as all of the information and content that gets produced related to events that I am working on.  I'm excited to start a new blog with a definite theme and purpose, and I'm also happy that the complete randomness of my personal blog, "This is Going to Be Big..." can now be legitimately excused.  I haven't decided whether or not I'll be parallel posting across both blogs, but rest assured, when the new site is up and running and has new posts, I'll let you know on here. 

The Message Board All Over Again

When I was a sophomore, I lived in Hughes Hall.  It was the worst dorm you could get... a former classroom/office building, they stuffed four of us in two bunks in each room.  The walls and rugs were all various shades of brown.  Its only redeeming quality was that it was right smack in the middle of campus.  I had a dry erase board that a hung on the hallway door.  Everyday, I would put up a quote of the day, because we were close by the elevator in the first floor and we got tons of walkby traffic.  That is, until someone wrote "fuck you" on it.  I ignored it and kept posting...  until they took the dry erase board and threw it in the trash.  I retrieved it and continued to post, until they tore the board into pieces, even mangling the metal frame.  I pieced it back together, though, and hung it up again.  Then, finally it disappeared altogether. 

I put myself out there... I always have.  Sometimes people agree with you, sometimes not, but I've never understood the hate and the meanness.  Don't like the quotes?  Ignore them... but tearing my message board to pieces?  I just couldn't grasp that and it always troubled me that there existed that kind of meanness.

Tonight, someone posted on my blog in a way that upset me over something really important to me.  People say everything is free game when you put yourself out there like this, and while I believe that, the meanness still troubles me.  There's a missing post now that won't return and it was a post that meant a lot to me.  Thanks...   and thanks for busting up my dry erase board.

Second Snow

I snapped this in the morning...

Picture_166You know what's awesome about snow?

No alternate side.