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New Feedburner Syndication

So now I get to find out how few people are reading my site... or how few of those people are are technically savvy enough to be reading it through an RSS reader.  :)   The little orange button on the left is my new feedburner feed.  Or, if you don't read the site through an RSS reader, you can always subscribe by e-mail on the right.

Uncertain Future

So, the date of my Learning Annex class is March 16th.  Don't worry...  you will all be getting advanced warning as soon as it goes live on their website.  I'm anxious to see how many people show up and I think it will be a larger group than they expect.

By March 16th, my life may be entirely different.  I may be working in a different place (Greenwich or somewhere else).  I will know whether I've made Stanford or not.  Hopefully, I will have closed on an apartment to buy.  Softball will be starting soon... but not GM Softball, which I haven't decided if I'm playing yet, but Fordham Alumni softball.   I will have played a season of dodgeball.  By March, I might have a deal for a book...  just not the one I originally intended to write.  By March, I will be more than halfway through my 25th year... without feeling a day over 17.  Somewhere along the line I used to think that I'd be married at 28.  That seems awfully close, with marriage seeming awfully far away. 

Everyday I feel closer to what I should be doing, without knowing quite what that is yet...  from interning to writing the paper to teaching a class to mentoring, and seperately from interning to being an analyst to working on business development and perhaps to getting closer to markets and companies right in the thick of it.  This is all leading somewhere...

"In the soft darkness that hides the future from the over-curious, I
content myself with this; that where I will be will not be where I
am."- Jeanette Winterson


Posted on the Fordham Alumni website:

"Dear Alumni,

Due to a clerical error Annemarie Germano DiCola, FCO '80 was mistakenly listed as deceased in the Fall issue of Fordham Magazine. Please know that Annemarie is alive and well, living in New York. If you would like to contact Annemarie we would be happy to forward any correspondence to her through our office. Please accept our sincere apologies for any upset or confusion this incorrect information may have caused."

Google Searching for Stanford Essays

Here's a disturbing trend... people are finding my side by Googling "What matters to you most and why," which is one of the Stanford MBA essays.  I posted my essay because I thought it was an interesting question.

What purpose might it serve someone esle to check out my essay?  Your answer is in you, people...  I don't have it.  Think for yourself... there are no Crib Notes for personal essays.

Six Apart Professional Network: Helping your career with blogs

Link: Six Apart Professional Network: Helping your career with blogs.

When I was a senior at Fordham, me and my roommates played on an intramural softball team with half of the varsity basketball team.  One game, I hit a walkoff homer to win a game, and the whole team, including the guys from the varsity basketball team lined up along the thirdbaseline to slap me five.  Jason Harris, TJ... they were lined up to congratulate me... after all those games I showed up with my face painted to cheer them on.  Ok, so they were linking b/c their founder was featured in the article, and I'm not wearing facepaint, but nonetheless, the fact that the article was linked to on the Six Apart (the company that hosts this very blog) website... well...   it leaves me stupidly giddy, that's all.  In fact, I'm in such a good mood because of everything...  the article, the picture, the invite to the Learning Annex, the fact that the ubercool folks who are right at the heart of blogging are reading articles from a Long Island newspaper on some goofball blogging analyst...  I hardly even noticed the jury duty questionaire that came in the mail.  In fact, I'm more than happy to fill it out.  Call me for jury duty.  Sequestor me.  Give it your best shot.  You're not wiping the smile off my face, punks.  I think I'm going to go eat a pomegranate.