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Literary Proposal

So this is it...  I sent the first copy out to an agent that had asked for it, and obviously if he wants to do something with it, he has first dibs.  However, if anyone else wants to take a look or pass it to someone they know who might be interested, feel free.  Just make sure they're interested because they'd like to work with me and not steal the idea.  :)

Literary Proposal for "Success Blogging" by Charlie O'Donnell

Download blog_book_outline.doc

Christmas Pics

So I didn't take a lot of family pics, because, to be honest, they looked just like the Thanksgiving pics.  Same people, same venue....  the only thing different was when my brother Scott and his family joined is around 7:30PM.  They were supposed to be in earlier, but they got stuck in traffic on the Belt Parkway.

On my way into Brooklyn, I got caught in some traffic on the FDR, so I got bored and snapped off a few pics from the car...


Once my brother's family got in, I took a few pictures...





Exhausted from four hours of begging at the table...



So this is Christmas...

Perhaps I should start my Christmas shopping now.

You cannot stop them. You can only hope to contain them.

Link: Six Log: Recognition for our founders.

Contratulations to the Six Apart team that runs Typepad, the service both my blogs run on.  They just got selected as PC Magazine's People of the Year along with the Blogger founders.   I can't wait to bid for their public shares Dutch auction style in 2006.  :)   Have a great holiday.... its been very exciting to watch this success story unfold.  2004: Year of the Blog.

Dodge This!

The carnage begins Thursday, January 13th, when my charity dodgeball team, Dodge This!, plays its first ZogSports dodgeball scrimmage

Come see us play!

Thursday, January 13, 2005    9:30PM
PS 191 (West 61st Street bet West End/Amsterdam)

Be there, or we'll throw a wrench at you.