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More Snow

The snow is from yesterday, but the picture is from today because I left my camera at work.   I couldn't find enough snow to write a goofy snow tagline, so I resorted to writing in curbside residuals.  I can't wait until this weekend's blizzard.  I feel like I'm the Marty Stouffer of snow.4th_snow


Fordham B-ball article from the Daily News

GMail Invites

I can invite 6 people to join Gmail.  E-mail me for an account.

Be Happy, People!

Imood has a chart of what moods people have recently selected....

At this moment, TIRED and SICK are the top two choices.  That's awful.  HAPPY is number three, followed by BORED.   What's going on?  Winter getting people down?

I just signed up...  I think it will be interesting to track my moods over time.


"Dear O'Donnell Charles:

Thank you for applying to the Stanford Graduate School of Business. We have completed the review of applicants to the Master of Business Administration Program, and I am sorry that we cannot offer you admission to the MBA Class of 2007...."

Ah well.   I knew I didn't get an interview, so I wasn't exactly surprised about the outcome.  Still, I wish I would have gotten the chance to interview and talk about all of the things going on in my life that I'm excited about.  Still, it turns out that I have an interesting place to spend my time in '05 and '06... I just can't talk about it yet.  Stay tuned.

I feel like I should put this catagory in hiatus for now with an ending line from the James Bond movies...

Charlie O'Donnell will return.