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The whole world seems to be playing the "WWGD?" game.  (What Will Google Do?)   From browsers to VOIP, the amount of anticipation over Google's next move is out of control... and why not?  The value of Google as a platform is really immeasurable.  There are markets that Google could probably dominate tomorrow if they wanted to code a new offering on their front page tonight.  Google's internal five year plan is probably the single most valuable corporate espionage target out there now...  Who wouldn't want to know what the Google Good Guys are planning to do with all their IPO money? I just discovered Google's book publicity tool last night.  Any publisher can send a copy of their book to Google, and they'll scan it up and tie it into their index, along with a link to purchase the book.  Thought Amazon couldn't be strong armed?  What happens if they discover that a huge proportion of their likely to buy traffic is coming straight from a Google book search?  Maybe Google might want a special discount for Googlers on Amazon.  This company is just a force to be reckoned with and it probably has more flexibility in its future direction than anyone else.  Kind of makes Microsoft seem like old news.

I think it will be an interesting trend to watch as search tools start trying to interface with content and products that are already located within the catalogues of other businesses.  It has already started with Froogle and its only going to continue as search portals encroach into areas like real estate, travel listings, and perhaps even online dating.  What if you could Google search "single brunette AND early 20's AND New York City" and come up with results from Match, Spring Street, Love(at)AOL, AND eHarmony?  Throw in Friendster while you're at it.  There's a level of content that isn't just floating around.... its within a lot of these databases and its only a matter of time before search engines break on through.  They'll be forced to b/c they simply don't have enough content to keep up with the demand for advertising.

Great Idea for Collaborative Document Production

Jeff the Intern just came up with a great idea, but I coined the term.  He and Marcy were both needing to work on two different parts of the same spreadsheet, but Marcy had to close out of it before he could just stick in the two numbers he needed to.  He suggested that two people should be able to open the same file and, with two different color cursors, simultaneously add stuff to it.  Brilliant!  I call it "Microsoft Office 2-Player Mode."  :)   Now that's collaboration!

Plus, if you click "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start" before the file opens, you get 30 lives. - MLB - Seeking relief, Astros add 44-year-old Franco

Link: - MLB - Seeking relief, Astros add 44-year-old Franco.

Thank God...   Its OVER.  I was going to write something about how many blown saves he had for the Mets, so I went to his page on  Someone had sponsored the page and summed up my feelings on John Franco perfectly...



        Mr. Wilpon, I sponsored this page so you wouldn't waste another penny on this guy.

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Dave Alexandro...  You're hilarious.

For the record, with the Mets, Franco had 276 Saves and 64 Blown Saves... 81.1%.  So, one out of five times he went out there, he blew it.   In 1998, the Mets finished 2 games shy of the wild card and Franco went 0-8 with 8 blown saves.  Good riddence.

"Would you buy a book on blogging?" from The Intuitive Life Weblog

Thanks to Mike R. for forwarding me this link from Dave Taylor's blog.  I just browsed it, but sounds like this would be a good person to share thoughts with...

Link: "Would you buy a book on blogging?" from The Intuitive Life Weblog.

"...Here are my two cents on this subject: books about blogging are going to be boring, just another subset of books about writing (the vast majority of which seem to miss what I view as the essence of learning how to write, which is to write. Peter Elbow captures this in his great book Writing Without Teachers).

To me, though, blogging is just a tool..."

Boring to bloggers, perhaps, but there are still a lot of people out there who actually like to read books AND use computers.  I know, I know.  It blows my mind, too.  I always liked Harold Ramis' line in Ghostbusters, "Print is dead."  I'd prefer to read everything of a screen, be it on a laptop, desktop, TV, Palm, phone, whatever, but people still insist on cutting down trees, so we have books.  Anyway, point being, yes, I agree that you really learn about blogging, and about yourself as a blogger by actually blogging, but some people just need a head start or a few tips.  Dave also writes "maybe I'd buy a book if the author had a unique perspective on what to do with blogs, but it sure doesn't seem like a very big market."  Well, the "what to do" part is where the market lies, and in fact, it is very large.  When you come up with unique applications of blogs, you tap into the 64% of internet users who have never heard of them by identifying blogs with something they're already doing, like, career development, for example.  Blogs are, just as Dave puts it, a tool, and a there are lots of books on how to use tools, from socket wrenches to C++.  Sure, the real tool masters use by doing, but sometimes, beginners need a book to get them started, or at least feel comfortable with getting started.  Speaking of which, my Success Blogging site, is nearly complete and I will probably replicate this post on there for discussion. 

Blogs as a Way to Find People from Your Past

So a funny thing happened today...  A while back, I posted an IM conversation that Brian and I had about people from Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Well, some of the people we mentioned were Googling themselves or other people on the list and found my site.  All of the sudden, four people I went to elementary school with and probably haven't spoken to in between 5-15 years commented on the page, adding more names on the list.  Quite a blast from the past. 

I think its an interesting way to find people.  Just blog a list of people you'd like to get in touch with.  I think everyone Googles themselves at least once in a while.  I'll bet that before you know it, these people will find your "People I'd like to get in touch with" list.   so much for your business model.